We're all frelled

Welcome to Frell Space is a casual science fiction blog inspired by the tv series farcape that ran from 2001-03.

Throne for a Loss

This was only the fourth episode of the first season and Throne for a Loss dropped in a bunch of unique character development felt like they were arriving a little late. A scene where Dargo describes his blade can converts into pulse rifle. However, we see this in a "flash forward in the previous episode Exodus from Genesis. Turns out That's what happened. This episode aired a week earlier in the UK than Episode three. My guess editing issues resulted in the episodes 3 and for swapping positions when it aired earlier in the US. Frelling continuity fails are the worst. Anyway here's the breakdo...

Rewatching the Farscape Pilot

While plugging along in Hugo I decided to give the Farscape pilot a watch.

It's been twenty years since John Crichton's Farscape One was caught in a wormhole attempting to use earth's mass to slingshot somewhere... Beyond earth orbit. Unfortunately, the writers didn't provide any more details than a half minute of bland dialog.

Once we find ourselves beyond earth and Space Shuttle Discovery file footage things start to get interesting. Any more time spent on earth might just make me consider swallowing a dentic to avoid another minute.

Aside from the rough late nineties CGI the show holds up f...