This was only the fourth episode of the first season and Throne for a Loss dropped in a bunch of unique character development felt like they were arriving a little late. A scene where Dargo describes his blade can converts into pulse rifle. However, we see this in a "flash forward in the previous episode Exodus from Genesis. Turns out That's what happened. This episode aired a week earlier in the UK than Episode three. My guess editing issues resulted in the episodes 3 and for swapping positions when it aired earlier in the US. Frelling continuity fails are the worst. Anyway here's the breakdown of plot points I found interesting for each character.


Rygel takes on a questionable shipping client only to let his greed get him abducted within the opening minutes of the episode. Reinforcing his character flaw of greed before safety. What's compelling is his moments of regret while stuck behind bars waiting for a ransom that will never appear. At one point he admits there's not reason for his fellow crew to come to his rescue.

Ka D'Argo

Dargo displays his tendency to be compulsive under file when he quickly mounts a Tavlec weapon to his forearm which appears to be a PCP powered hand cannon.

Aeryn Sun

We learn that Aeryn Sun's Peacekeeper weapon can be overloaded much like a phaser in Star Trek the Next Generation.

John Crichton

He's still mostly harmless but his compassion for his new crew mates continues as he demands that the team attempt to rescue Rygel. His character continues to make earth centric pulp culture references, something I find highly amusing and contribute to this show's longevity.


This is a particularly strong episode for Zhaan as she attempts to rehabilitate the Tavlec prisoner from his addiction to the arm based weapons drug cocktail.

In all, this is a strong third episode in production and I brings back feelings of how Fox aired episode of Firefly out of order for no good reason ruining it's continuity. It took all to long for US networks to learn that lesson.